6th International k0-Users’ Workshop - 22-27 September 2013 - Budapest, Hungary
Monday, 14 October 2019


Several researchers proposed the standardization of Neutron Activation Analysis using calibration factors, sometimes called k factors, which were measured for the gamma rays of the elements of interest for specific irradiation and counting conditions. It was very convenient to continue using these k factors as long as the conditions did not change.

In the early 1970s, András Simonits was working at the laboratory of Julien Hoste in Gent, Belgium. He proposed to Frans de Corte to standardize NAA using “universal k factors”, where the essential information for a gamma ray emitted by any nuclide produced by neutron activation would be contained in the k0 factor.

The k0,Au values relative to the generally used gold flux monitor were accurately measured for the gamma rays of practically all nuclides produced by neutron irradiation, as were the other activation and decay properties mainly at Budapest and Gent, also in Ljubljana, Risø, together with other laboratories.

In 1992, the first International k0 Users’ Workshop was organized by Prof. Frans De Corte in Gent, Belgium. Since then, it has been organized by laboratories dealing with the k0 method world-wide. The conference now arrives at the city and is organized by the laboratory of Dr. András Simonits, the other developer of the k0 standardization.

Earlier meetings of the k0 community:

1st Workshop: Gent, Belgium (1992),
2nd Workshop: Ljubljana, Slovenia (1996)
3rd Workshop: Bruges, Belgium (2001)
4th Workshop: Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal (2005)
5th Workshop: Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2009)